Two Guys Versus The Atlantic ! A small story that needs to spread!

Tom and Chris from Oarraisers are going to row from La Gomera in the Canary Islands to Antigua – a massive 2900 miles! Why well it’s in support of their Charity Parkinsons UK.

OK, so you’re reading this and thinking well what the hell are Jez and his team talking about this? – Let me tell you about how this began for Us!

Henry Walker From Primetech UK (One of the UK’s most professional and technical mobile and Static Satellite companies), contact Jez and asked if we could help with providing a base to work on the installation of all the equipment for both documenting the trip and the all-important lifeline, so should they get in trouble they have a way of calling for help!
On Saturday the boat and Tom and Chris, with Henry and Simon all turned up ready to get to work, Henry and Jez started working on the camera systems and cabling while Simon was working on installing the software needed for the communication.
Later on, the systems were fitted and it was seen that we needed to make further modifications to the systems to make sure they are going to be 100% reliable. With all of the cameras in and the wiring jobs done, it was time to have some photos taken.

We wish Chris and Tom all the best for their trip and just remember boys “We will be watching !”

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