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Why is CCTV Important for Your Business?

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From security to increasing customer confidence, is CCTV important to a business?

Whether it’s security reasons, or to give you a real-time recording of your business – CCTV can be a super beneficial for a layer of security, for yourself and your staff. But with businesses analysing their finances, is having CCTV cameras important for your business?

Here’s a summary of how CCTV can benefit a business:


  • Increase customer confidence
  • Defending against theft & vandalism
  • Encourage good behaviour
  • 24/7 Real-time recording of business
  • Remote Monitoring
  • COVID-friendly thermal temperature reading for staff
  • Assist Law Enforcement
  • Reducing insurance premiums


How important can CCTV be?


If you are a business owner, your business is your baby. Protecting your business and making sure you make your staff comfortable in their work environment is important. This can be CCTV in your car park area, or inside offices to ensure safety.

Specialist cameras, like thermal temperature screening cameras, for example, can be used to monitor staff temperature and ensure that they are fit to work with other members. These can also be utilised as door entry or face recognition systems.

Safety and protecting assets can be a key factor, for your staff and customers. Your customers want to be reassured that they can trust a business who can protect themselves and the assets they have, in case of emergency.

How can CCTV improve my business?


With seamless crisp live-recording of your business, it gives you peace of mind and a great overview of your business – inside and out.

Eliminate any worries during weekends, holiday periods or when your business is closed, and stay protected with eyes on your business environment.

Cutting edge technology allows for facial recognition, 360-degree views of your business – whether day and night, CCTV is important in a business.

How can System Force I.T. help my business with CCTV?


System Force IT offer a full range of IP Cameras and security services which can be integrated to a computer network giving full control of your business.

We provide skilled installation and design for every CCTV system, tailoring it to the needs of each business. Our experienced maintenance services ensure that your CCTV system operates at peak performance all year long, ensuring efficacy and legal compliance, with your surroundings.

With our FREE IT Audit, we can find out what type of CCTV camera your business needs, and how it will be best utilised.


We help with wiring, installing and servicing all CCTV cameras.




System Force IT provides 24/7 IT support and engineering help with all our services. Our IT infrastructure management team are responsible for the backbone of your business. Monitoring and maintaining both physical and virtual services in real-time.