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Landline vs. Voice over IP

Landline vs Voice over IP
With staff working from home, we compare landline vs. Voice over IP telecommunications to see which is most effective for your company.

Telecommunications are advancing rapidly, with staff working from home, Voice over IP is becoming the better solution than traditional telephony and landline telecommunication.

When choosing a phone system for your business, regardless of size, you might ask if Voice over IP is worth it over a conventional telephone line. Let’s help you compare!


Differences at a Glance


  Landline Voice over IP (VoIP)
Monthly Cost [ 24 month Contract] From £40.00 to £85.00 From £20.00 to £50.00
Unlimited UK Call Packages Fee on some numbers Packages that are suitable for businesses
Locked in contract YES NO – Adjustable to your business,
when needed
Call Quality High Dependent on your internet speed
Hold Music YES YES
Voicemail YES YES
Texting / Live Messaging N/A YES
Virtual Receptionist N/A YES
Easy to Use N/A YES
Smartphone app / Web-app Mobility N/A YES
Video Meetings N/A YES
Smart Board Interaction N/A YES
Mobility N/A YES
Cloud Usage N/A YES

Let’s go through the comparison in more detail!


Best Price: Voice over IP


Traditional telephone lines are almost always more expensive than internet-based telephone solutions, like Voice over IP systems

Telephone lines are almost always more expensive than internet-based telephone solutions, and they are becoming less popular as VoIP becomes more widely available, offering more interactive choices than the traditional telephone.

Traditional phone lines, which BT has announced will be phased out in favour of VoIP by 2025, force customers to buy multiple handsets with separate contracts, which becomes costly.

When using a conventional phone line, there may be additional expenses, especially if you want to call specific area codes.

Businesses are saving up to 60% of their costs by adopting VoIP solutions like 3CX.

For the price of VoIP, you get a lot more communication and interactivity than the traditional telephone lines – so it’s a no brainer!

More information regarding the BT Traditional Telephone Switch Off can be found here.


Best Call Handling Features: Voice over IP


Of course, traditional phone lines come with normal voicemail, call holding, call forwarding, and call transferring – but these functions are limited, and your landline plan may require costly add-ons.

All of the standard landline functions, as well as an auto-receptionist, HD audio and video calling, call recording, smartboard features, SMS / text box features, and more, are all available with VoIP, depending on your VoIP systems.

It also allows companies to transfer calls, which is ideal for call centres or companies with a huge team!


Best for Call Quality: TIE


Voice over IP is unquestionably the next-generation communications solution for all enterprises; unfortunately, it is dependent on your internet provider and a reliable internet connection. If your Internet service provider is unpredictable or frequently has outages, Voice over IP may not be the best option for you.

Before supplying you with a VoIP solution, System Force I.T. evaluates your broadband speed. It’s critical to understand whether your broadband can support a Voice over IP system.

For businesses without high-speed internet or in places where power outages are regular, a landline may provide a stronger call quality.

However, with a landline, it uses copper lines which are dependent on your provider too.

With a suitable broadband, we’d pick VoIP for a better call quality as it offers HD calls – voice and video, and call recording, but as they are both dependent on signal – it’s a tie!


System Force I.T. is also an ISP, hosting our own broadband and servers straight from our office – click here to find out more.


Best for Mobility: Voice over IP


The best feature with a VoIP system is the mobility. Employees can use any device, from smartphones to the web application, and access their work numbers on the go.

The VoIP system can connect to any location with an internet connection, allowing you to operate from anywhere!

When calls are transferred to employees, it’s seamless – just like they are still in the office! Customers won’t know the difference if you are in office, or out.
VoIP also gives you the option to text, read voicemails via email or video chat with your customers!

Unlike traditional landline telephones, which are office-based and require a desk phone, VoIP is cloud-based.

With VoIP, you get the luxury of having a virtual receptionist to help making calls smoother for the customer experience!


Best for Advanced Features: Voice over IP


Voice over IP solutions are the way of the future.

You can accomplish so much more with a VoIP system than you can with standard broadband, and it costs less. This makes it far more appealing to businesses of all sizes.

Landline telephony does not provide video calling, which is becoming increasingly important as more workers work from home.

With VoIP, you get everything you need in one place.


Final Result: Voice over IP


VoIP is the most effective mode of communication, and many businesses are adopting this new technology.

Traditional telephones are no longer required, as VoIP provides a superior alternative with many more benefits and features – all at a lower cost!


We help businesses make the transfer from traditional telephone lines to Voice over IP and recommend users to use 3CX! Let’s help you get setup too!

Click me to read more about 3CX!


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