Why should I shred my data?

Shredding your hard drive data is the safest and preferred option when it comes to the disposal of data.


With data protection laws in place, every business needs to understand how to dispose of their data appropriately.  With our new GDPR Compliant hard drive shredder, we help you dispose of your data securely and safely. GDPR mandates those businesses to destroy their hard drives so that no one else can access them.

But why is hard drive destruction so important?


Why you must destroy your hard drive securely


A computer hard drive may contain sensitive company information data, and properly destroying it is vital, to ensure that the information isn’t accessed again by someone else.

If you don’t properly destroy a hard drive, you risk:

  • A data security breach that can cause financial harm to your company
  • Breaking the data protection regulation GDPR is not being followed
  • Allows malicious hackers to gain access to your information, and possibly ask for ransom for your data

You can either manually remove the data on the disk, which can take a long time, or shred your hard disk.

Shredding a hard disc is the favored method since it is far more secure than digitally wiping files or doing a computer’s “factory reset.”

To double ensure that your data cannot ever be accessed again, shredding is the option.


Hard Drive Shredding & Media Destruction


Data can be recovered from a hard disk that has been wiped clean, either by deleting the data or factory reset.

The purpose of our hard drive shredding service is to destroy old computer hard drives, safely and within the GDPR regulations. We have a specialized shredder that shreds the hard drive into bits, leaving it unrecoverable.

Our procedure complies with all essential privacy laws, like GDPR, and safeguards your company by ensuring a secure process.

System Force IT will issue you with a certificate of destruction, ensuring that no data on the hard drive can be accessed and that the destruction was successful.


To find out more about our GDPR Compliant shredding service, click here.

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