System Force leads the way in war on CO2

A COMPUTER firm is sucking out its excess heat to warm the rest of its offices.

Quedgeley-based System Force is trying innovative ways to help save the environment.

The firm, which handles IT systems for clients across the world, is aiming to cut its carbon emissions.

Jez Walton, technical director of the firm, said the staff was using lots of measures to cut the CO2.

He said: “As most people will know, servers are extremely expensive to run.

“We host a lot of servers here, and this uses an incredible amount of energy.

“We have replaced most of them with servers which are 88 percent more effective.

“The thing is, these servers don’t like to get hot, and traditionally we have always cooled them down with air conditioning.

“Now, we’re sucking the heat out of the server room to heat the whole building.

“It heats everything, and we don’t need any other heating for the whole building.”

He said the company, based at Waterwells Business Park, had also upgraded its air conditioning system.

He said: “We replaced all our air conditioning with ‘A’ rated equipment and during the summer months that’s how we will cool the servers down.”

He said the effect the initiatives were having on the organization’s electricity bill had been enormous.

He said: “Before we moved here, our electricity bill was about £1,000 a month, now it’s just over £300 a month.

“We also recycle as much as we can here. All our cardboard and paper go off for recycling, and we also recycle the metal from computer frames.

“We repair a lot of laser printers, which burn the ink onto the paper. They use ‘fusers’ to do this and these would normally be chucked away and replaced, which can cost around £125 a time.

“We’ve teamed up with another company to repair these fusers. It’s only in its early stages, but this can be done for as little as £10 plus labor.”

Jez and his colleagues have also developed ways of doing their work remotely, and this has cut down the amount they use the company van.

He said: “We used to do in excess of 50,000 miles a year, but now we barely clock up 2,000 miles in a month. But a lot of our clients are local, so if we need to go out and see them we can.”

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