Wireless PtP Link installed and tested !

Because of the lack of Internet / High-speed infrastructure here in the Water-wells Business Park (And in General Gloucester), We have over the last few years been installing wireless point-to-point links for clients.


Unlike our competitors, we don’t contend the links (Share with others (Unless requested)).  The latest link to be installed is for a large multi Billion Euro company, on the same estate. The idea is that we with the customer know what speed the link can achieve, then the customer can decide on the bandwidth requirement, and we can change the limits as needed over time.

Example: The wireless link can achieve 100mbps symmetrically, but if the user only wants to use 10mbps, they will only get charged for 10mbps, however in the future, they may want more and in which case it’s a simple change!


The plan was that the customer has an urgent need for 20 Mbps symmetrical bandwidth, and needed it very quickly. The Job was surveyed and installed within two weeks.

Because of the height of some of the buildings we install on, we have to use Boom lifts (Cherry Pickers), which lets us achieve the height safely. All poles are secured using metal cabling, to stop the wind and storms that we seem to be getting more of.


Annual safety inspections are carried out, to make sure that all safety lines, cables, and bolts are secured and that there is no corrosion or movement. If a realigning is needed at this time it of course is done.

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